Highland’s Heroes: The Art’s Café Staff

Abby Endress

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Many students, faculty, and staff are on the Highland Community College campus for one or more of their meals during the day. For a number of students, Monday through Thursday that meal may come from the Arts Café, located next to the cafeteria in Building H.

The café staff, overseen by Shelly Perkins, work extremely hard to prepare the best food possible while having to adhere to a very strict and low budget. Anyone who enters the café can find a variety of foods for a variety of prices. Whether you are craving fresh fruit or vegetables, Arby’s-like curly fries, or something for your sweet tooth, the Arts Café has it all.

Terri Grimes, Secretary to the President, says, “My favorite from the café is either the fruit with the delicious dip or the walking tacos. Whether I want something healthy or am craving something salty or sweet, I can find something in the café.”

In addition to the delicious food, the Arts Café also has an inviting atmosphere. Many of the people who frequent the café comment how personable and attentive the staff is.

English instructor Kate Perkins says, “Every time that I walk into the café, the people who are working are always friendly and cheerful. Each time that I go in, they remember me and the last conversation that we had. We can just pick up from where we left off.”

Many students, staff, and faculty have become quite close to the café workers. A number of students have grown to be good friends with a number of the café staff members. Sometimes, the café staff are the reason why Highland students feel as though Highland is their home away from home.

“They really do cheer me up when I go in there, they always greet me with a smile and ask how I’m doing,” says student Stacy Sammul.

“I personally love getting to know [the students]. I make a point to try and great everyone who comes in the Arts Cafe with a smile and some sort of hello, hi, how are you. I am very thankful for those who let me become more than just the lunch lady but a mentor and a friend,” adds cafeteria manager Shelly Perkins.

The friendly staff at Art’s Café welcome those who frequent it with a smile. Pictured from left to right: Julie,  Becky, Dakotah, Shelly & Sylvia. Not pictured: Justyn. 

Often underappreciated, these staff members work extremely hard, some days showing up as early as four in the morning to prepare the food for that day, in order to provide students, faculty, and staff with quality foods at prices that they can afford. Next time you frequent Building H, stop in and say hello to some of the kindest people you may ever meet. To quote Stacy Summul, “The [café staff] are a vital part of Highland Community College.”

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  1. Laura on August 17th, 2017 8:32 pm

    Everyone who works at the cafe are wonderful people, and we always have a great experience. I used to work in food, and it’s not an easy job at all! I really appreciate all their hard work, and they do an amazing job.


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Highland’s Heroes: The Art’s Café Staff