College President Set to Receive 11% Raise

Maddy Thomas

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Some of the students at Highland are very familiar with College President Tim Hood;  most, however, would probably not recognize him if he walked by them while they were on their way to class. President Hood’s occupational background consists of serving as Dean of Corporate Training and Community Education at Kaskaskia College before becoming Vice President of Instructional Services there in March 2007. Hood was not only a faculty member at Southern Illinois University from 2001-2005 but also an associate professor at Madisonville Community College in Kentucky from 1993-2001. President Hood served as the Vice President of Academic Services before being promoted to Executive Vice President in August of 2014. In the following year, it was decided that Tim Hood would be the next College President; his first contract of two years beginning in July of 2015.

A standard requirement for a College President at most institutions is to currently have a Ph.D. Some of you might be aware that President Tim Hood only has his Master’s Degree, but has been working on his Ph.D. for quite some time. As of the new contract regarding his next three-year term, should Hood obtain his Ph.D. by the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year, he is set to receive a $25,000 bonus. The contract does not contain any language specifying what would happen if Hood does not complete the degree. This makes many questions arise such as “Why would someone be hired if they do not have the standard qualifications?” While this is an important question, nobody is quite sure of the exact answer.

Being that Hood does not have his Ph.D. as of right now, that brings the question of should he be paid like he has one? There is an unclear answer, but as of the research gathered, Hood seems to make more than the average instructor that holds a Ph.D. As of the 2016-2017 fiscal year, President Hood made $137,000

Highland Community College President Tim Hood. His new term would end in 2020.

(excluding benefits), this was before the proposed 11% raise in the current 2017-2018 fiscal year. President Hood’s proposed salary is $152,000 plus benefits. In addition, Hood would also receive a 4% raise each subsequent year of his contract (2018-2019 fiscal year salary of $158,080 and 2019-2020 fiscal year salary of $164,403.20). His proposed salary would make up 21.37% of the administrative budget for salaries.

Recent expenses for Highland Community College include $48,000 for website design expenses, in addition to the $2,800/year to host said website. This can raise some eyebrows about the expenses because there are a plethora of graphic design majors that would love to redesign a website and add to their portfolio. So, how has the college been saving/making more money to cover expenses such as this? One way is that tuition has been raised to $141 per credit hour; twice the rate per credit hour from just 6 years ago.

After talking about the recent expenses, let’s talk about some of the compensations listed for the President. President Hood’s new contract would allow up to 56 paid vacation days per year. The Board shall also pay Hood’s membership dues and charges to organizations which the Board Chair and President mutually deem necessary. Now it is important to point out that in online records, the Board has had an 8-0 vote on virtually all matters in favor of recommendations from the President. A College President may also attend conferences, courses, conventions, etc. that stimulate professional growth; his wife is able to attend two conventions per year (all expenses paid). Appropriate expenses for such are reimbursed in accordance with Board Policy. President Hood also receives life insurance; this is typically 1.5 times the salary ($228,000 currently). He is also provided a cell phone and service plan for work purposes, but the occasional use of personal use is allowed.

The link above will take you to the Board agenda where President Hood’s new contract is listed.

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College President Set to Receive 11% Raise