Ted Cruz’s Twitter Mishap

Maddy Thomas

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Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter profile from September, 10, 2017. The profile name and the name of the company that the video originated form has been censored. This can no longer be found on the Senator’s page, but was visible long enough to capture attention.

Ah social media. For politicians, it’s a great place to advertise campaigns, but occasionally it is the birthplace of scandals. Some of you might be familiar with Senator Ted Cruz, who ran in the 2016 Presidential Election along with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders, and current POTUS Donald Trump.

This past week has been a roller coaster for Senator Ted Cruz after allegedly a staff member accidentally liked a highly inappropriate video on the Senator’s Twitter page. This resulted in the video being inserted into Cruz’s followers’ Twitter feeds. The video has been removed since the scandal, but Senator Cruz is now mentioned in the bio of the profile that the video originated from.


Senator Cruz has since been interviewed on CNN regarding the mishap, claiming that an employee was responsible for said scandal.

The link above will take you to the CNN website where the official interview of Senator Cruz is listed.


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Ted Cruz’s Twitter Mishap