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Positive Mindset

Liz Rummel, Not Sarah

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“A bad attitude is like a flat tire.  You can’t go anywhere until you change it,” quoted from anonymous.

If you walk into the Student Success Center located in building M, look to your right and check out the visual aid board about having a “Positive Mindset”.  It just may put you in the right mindset for that next test you need to take.

Positive Mindset has become a popular topic around HCC’s campus since Life Strategy Coach, LaMont Hail conducted an event titled “Change Your Brain” on September 13.  Hail “has over 18 years of law enforcement experience,” in which he “was a mentor for elementary students and worked as the School Resource Officer for Freeport Middle School and Freeport High School.”   Working at the Freeport schools gave Hail personal experience in working with the school social worker and psychologist.  With his experience and training, Hail moved in the direction of a Life Strategy Coach, while also pursuing his Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling.   After completing his degree, Hail plans on opening up his own practice for mental health counseling.

Hail informed a room full of nursing students and athletes about the difference between a growth mindset and fixed mindset.  In short, a person with a growth mindset is more open to learning and has a positive attitude, whereas a person with a fixed mindset has more of a negative attitude and is not as open to learning.  Which mindset are you?

Do you feel your mindset is fixed and it will continue to be that way?  I am sure you have heard the overused expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Well, think again because it is never to late to change your mindset.  According to Dr. Daniel Amen, “You are not stuck with the brain you have, You can make it better. . .”  Hail emphasizes that this theory has been proven through brain imaging.  So what can you do to change it?

For starters, know that you are not alone.  As college students, we have a great deal of stress in our lives.  In his presentation, Hail said, “when stress is present, your body and mind must attend to it in order to return you to balance.  Many students accomplish this by improving skills such as time management, stress management, relaxation, and mindfulness.”

Mindfulness played a key role in Hail’s presentation; therefore he asked the audience, “what does mindfulness look like to you?”  A couple of brave souls spoke up.  One individual said, “being aware of what you are doing in the moment.”  The other person answered by saying, “being aware of things on your horizon; being alert and attentive to the things happening now, things that are coming up, and trying to focus on what can I do in the next five minutes to achieve the goals that I have.”  Both terrific answers.  Meditation teacher, Jon Kabatt-Zinn says mindfulness is the “‘practice’ of paying attention on purpose in the present moment.”  Hail informed the audience that mindfulness for students “reduces pressures of college life, enhances cognitive control, emotional regulation and self-awareness, and also helps balance the pressure that comes along with striving hard to attain your goals.”  Hail also explained that there are certain benefits to being mindful.  These include: health benefits, breaking negative cycles, and promoting inner and outer happiness.

Taking even something as simple as breathing, a part of our everyday life, and focusing on it can as Hail says, “bring one into the present moment.”  So why not try to sit back, relax, clear your mind, and focus on your breaths?  Try out this simple breathing exercise courtesy of LaMont Hail.

Hail will be returning to HCC in the near future to address other topics such as: time management, perception and deception, Psychopaths and Sociopaths, as well as a few others.  So check your Highland email to keep posted on when these events will take place.


You can contact LaMont Hail by email: [email protected] and ‘like’ him on Facebook: Hail’s [email protected]



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Positive Mindset