Fright Night with Forensics

Liz Rummel, Not Sarah

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On October 26, Highland’s Forensics Team performed a variety of speeches and mysterious prose at their event, “Fright Night with Forensics” which took place on campus.  This was an ideal event to attend, not only because Halloween was less than a week away, but also because it was an event to support your school,  your peers, and earn a little extra credit on the side for speech class.

The speakers/performers were HCC students Josh Naujokas, Miah Dagle, Owen Bennett, and Krischan Heitz.  Director of Forensics and Speech Instructor Bill Lucio, opened the event in a memorable manner with his infectious personality and enthusiastic tone.  The theme of this event was Halloween; Lucio’s favorite holiday after all, so this event made perfect sense.

To keep the ball rolling, a humorous persuasion speech about how over-caring is leading to failure was performed by Josh Naujokas.  He emphasized the word ‘fuck’ frequently, used theatrical gestures and facial expressions, and even eloquently destroyed his visual aid.  Talk about catching your audience’s attention.  Naujokas performed his persuasive speech at a recent speech tournament in Palos Hills, Illinois in which he took 5th place out of seven, advancing him to the finals.  Josh performed a second speech that was equally intense and humorous.  He performed a five minute impromptu speech in which he was allowed only two minutes to brainstorm and prepare after being given a Halloween-themed quotation.  Being put on the spot like that shows Naujokas creative mind and quick thinking.

Miah Dagle performed a prose interpretation that tugged at the hearts of the audience members.  I, myself could not stop listening.  Dagle’s piece titled, “Alice Isn’t Dead” By Joseph Fink was about a woman who’s wife has gone missing.  The woman soon finds out her wife left her to join a murderous cult.  Dagle also performed this prose interpretation at the Moraine Valley speech tournament in which she advanced to the finals, placing 5th out of seven.

Performing another prose interpretation, was Owen Bennett.   His piece is titled, “What Big Teeth You Have” by Doug Piers was about a brother terrorizing his siblings by convincing them he was a bloodthirsty werewolf.   Bennett related to much of his audience by asking who in the audience had siblings.  This caught the audience’ attention right away because I am sure like myself, they were envisioning playing the same trick on their younger siblings or even their older siblings playing the trick on them.  Either way, it was very entertaining

Krischan Heitz performed a prose interpretation as well.  His piece titled, “The Time I was An Asshole For Halloween” by Ben Falcone, was about Halloween nonetheless.  However, the young man in the piece chose a costume that was politically inappropriate.  Undoubtedly, the piece fit quite nicely for Halloween and the events that have occurred this past year.

Overall, all performers did a fantastic job and I look forward to the next Forensic’s event, as should you.  Lucio says “the next event, titled Fa La La La Forensics will be held at the end of November, so be on the lookout!”  My guess would be Christmas themed.  What do you think?

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Fright Night with Forensics