Highland’s Heroes: Meet the Maintenance Men

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Highland’s Heroes: Meet the Maintenance Men

Abby Endress

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You have probably seen them around campus. Even if you not have directly experienced the work of the Highland Community College maintenance men, you have them to thank for the constant upkeep of the campus. The three men, Ken, Rick, and Dale, keep the Highland campus running smoothly on a daily basis.

All three men have more than twenty years’ worth of experience combined here at Highland. Their daily routines include monitoring the chemicals and water levels in the pools at the YMCA, checking the water softeners and heat products in each building across campus, and everyday building maintenance.

Alicia Kepner, Nursing and Allied Health Coordinator and instructor, states that “They spend countless hours “lightening the burden” [and] sometimes [complete] the most daunting jobs here on campus.  They work behind the scenes fixing the small and large jobs here on campus with little return [or] gratitude.”

The maintenance men have helped Kepner with a variety of jobs such as moving classroom and office furniture around, fixing light bulbs, adjusting temperature controls, and many other tasks to benefit the students of Highland.

During the winter, you have them to thank for the plowed parking lots and cleared sidewalks. On especially snowy days, they wake up and come to Highland to plow as early as four in the morning. They work hard to keep everyone on campus safe.

Pictured from left to right: Dale, Ken & Rick, Highland Maintenance.

Beyond their Mr. Fix-It skills, Ken, Rick, and Dale bring a positive attitude to the Highland campus. They are almost always spotted with a smile on their faces and a bounce in their steps. Their upbeat personalities and genuinely caring attitudes about the campus, faculty, staff, and students can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face who interacts with them.

“They are personable. They ask about my family, share stories, tell jokes, and keep us laughing” says Dr. Jen Grobe, Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health.

Furthermore, Terri Grimes, Executive Assistant, says that “The thing that I really like about them is that they are always very positive. They always have a good attitude.”

Ken, Rick, and Dale keep Highland’s campus functioning on a daily basis. The importance of these three men cannot measured. The passion that they possess and exhibit for their jobs and the people at Highland do not go unnoticed. Be sure to smile and thank them the next time you see them around campus because without them, your experience at Highland could be very different.

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Highland’s Heroes: Meet the Maintenance Men