Highland’s Heroes: Student Information Specialists

Abby Endress

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From left to right: Student Information Specialists Paige Klever, Tylena Rogers & Susie Dvorak

Whether signing up for classes, making advisor appointments, or just in need of some assistance, every day Highland Community College students utilize the skills and knowledge of the Highland Community College Student Information Specialists. No matter the need, the three women who specialize in student information can assist students with most of their needs.

Susie Dvorak, Paige Klever, and Tylena Rogers meet the needs of students on a daily basis. These three women go above and beyond their job description to ensure that the students at Highland Community College have easy access to their classes, transcripts, records, and more. This ease makes helps to make students’ time at Highland all the more enjoyable.

Stacy Sammul, a sophomore at Highland, stated that, “They have really good attitudes! Anytime that I have a question they either answer it or get me the answer.”

Susie Dvorak has over fifteen years’ worth of experience at Highland. She has certain tasks, such as state reporting, “down to a science.” Whether answering the phone, taking students’ information, or entering data into the computer system, Dvorak enjoys working with and for the students. She also enjoys getting to know individual students as they spend their time at Highland and watching them on their educational journey.

Paige Klever also helps students with a variety of tasks including registering people for classes, introducing with prospective students, utilizing software to track prospective students, processing paperwork, and other odds and ends that need to be done around campus. On some occasions, Klever even gives college tours to high school students in hopes of future recruitment.

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Klever responded, “I really enjoy planning some of the campus events because it gives us [Highland staff] a chance to create a good atmosphere for the students and have fun, which is what I like to do.”

Recently, Tylena Rogers was added to the Student Information Specialist team. Rogers works part-time and previously ran Highland’s switchboard at night. She has a background in community relations, having previously worked at US Bank for six years.

“I really like helping future students on their path. I enjoy working with people and I really love the environment,” said Rogers.

Jeremy Bradt, Director of Enrollment and Admissions at Highland, explained that these three women are a vital part of Highland’s campus. Often, one of the three women are the first face that a student sees at Highland. The relationship that develops is often what helps to entice prospective students to choose Highland to continue their education.

“I am extremely blessed by what they do every day,” Bradt said.

Next time you stop by the admissions office or see Dvorak, Klever, or Rogers, thank them for their hard work. Without them, Highland’s students would not have as smooth of a transition between high school and college as they currently enjoy. Because of the Student Information Specialists’ efforts, Highland students can further their education with less stress and worry.

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Highland’s Heroes: Student Information Specialists