Highland’s Campus-Wide Food Drive Success

Abby Endress

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With the season of giving thanks in full swing, many of us reflect on what we are thankful for. Whether we are thankful for a loving family, another prosperous year, or even just the food on our tables, we often may forget those who are less fortunate. Fortunately, many people across the Highland campus felt compelled to extend their prosperity to those who may not have experienced the same prosperity they have in the past year.

From mid-October to mid-November, a large number of Highland Community College students, faculty, and staff worked together to collect more than 400 canned-food items, which was estimated to be equivalent to almost 500 pounds of food. Those items were donated to the Freeport Area Church Cooperative, or FACC. Jim Palmer, Highland Automotive Technology Instructor, played an instrumental role in delivering the items to FACC’s facility.

Upon Palmer’s arrival to FACC, “There was one staff member that thanked me many times [with] much appreciation!” he said.

The goal for the canned food drive was to collect 1,000 items. If the goal of 1,000 items was reached, students would be allowed to pie certain Highland faculty and administrators in the face. An anonymous donor stepped forward willing to donate the difference between the items collected and the goal of 1,000 items.

So, on Monday, November 27th in the cafeteria at noon, students gathered to watch Scott Anderson, Dean of Business and Technology, Dr. Jennifer Grobe, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health, and Tim Hood, Highland Community College President get pied in the face.

“I am so thankful for the blessings that I have, so I am always willing to help others,” said Anderson.

Three lucky students had the opportunity to smear pie (whipped cream) in the faces of the deans and the college president. Each participant was able to wear a protective plastic poncho, but that didn’t stop the whipped cream from flying.

Scott Anderson, Jennifer Grobe, and Tim Hood prepare to be pied in the face.

Grobe, who ended up covered, said, “I feel like we all work hard – students, faculty, [and] staff. It is nice to do something wacky once in a while to get out of our comfort zone, meet new people, and come together for a common cause. I agreed to get pied to encourage student-staff interaction and to help raise awareness for the need in our community.”

College President Tim Hood is pied in the face.

Kate Perkins, Faculty Senate President, approached Student Senate to partner to host the food drive to show the positive force that Highland Community College can have in the Freeport area and surrounding communities. Other groups on campus became involved as well. SOVA, the on-campus visual arts club, decorated boxes that were used to collect the canned food items, and the Clarence-Mitchell library staff graciously created a place for the items to be stored while the drive was in progress.

“I think that the food drive was very successful. For a small commuter campus, the number [of items collected] was very large,” said Perkins.

Because of the success of the food drive, plans are in place for another campus-wide project. Both Faculty and Student Senate hope to include even more groups on campus in the spring.

Perkins added, “We are already talking about ideas for another community service project in the spring.”

Highland’s campus-wide canned food drive was a success. The event raised awareness about the hunger that can be found in the community while helping those in need. Be on the lookout for an event this spring so that you can help make change happen.

Scott Anderson gets a pie to the face.
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Highland’s Campus-Wide Food Drive Success