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Liz Rummel

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Staring at this blank screen, literally having the worst case of writers block that I have had in some time. It is a feeling that seems to be well known by many.  I prefer the quiet, so I can clearly think; however, the silence is almost too quiet.  The clock’s ticking second hand, is a reminder of all the seconds I am letting slip by without a plausible thought.  Soon, my eyes start wondering as they glimpse over all my framed quotes; some are humorous, while some are very inspirational.  Eventually my eyes stop upon one of my favorites by the intellectual Albert Einstein.  It is not the full quote, but it is the version hanging on my wall: “learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”.

Just stop and think about those words for a minute. Let them entertain your mind….

Reading these words, they remind me of nearly every day of my life thus far as an adult, particularly even more since I am college student as well. Why?  Because as adult college students, we are faced with an array of obstacles, and sometimes an abundance of stress.  From time to time, we need words of encouragement to make us take a step back and evaluate our situation.

“Learn from yesterday”. This portion is not just about learning from your mistakes, but also learning from all the good that yesterday may have brought.  If you are learning from a mistake you made, more than likely you will try to make sure you do not make the same mistake again.  A prime example: hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock too many times, making you either rush or late for work/class.  How do you learn from this?  You learn to set your alarm for an earlier time, go to bed earlier, or simply stop hitting the snooze button.  If something good happened, why not want that good thing to happen again another day.  For example: taking extra time to study for an exam and receiving an A.  Next time, you will study just as well to achieve another good grade.

“Live for today”. This is plain and simple.  Make the most of your day.  Live the day as if it is your last.  Perhaps you can complete something off of your bucket list or pay-it-forward.  As adult college students, we tend to have so much going on in our lives, such as: a job, rent/mortgage, school work, car payments, groceries, bills, and the list continues.  With so much going on day to day, it can feel overwhelming at times.  We can become stressed out.  I know I have on several occasions.  I have even allowed my stresses to regulate my mood for the entire day, as well as control how I treat others.  However, making the most of your day, even if it one particular aspect, make it the best that you can.  That one positive piece can make all the difference.

“Hope for tomorrow”. Basically, hope that tomorrow will be an even better day than today.  If you look forward to tomorrow, then you are already moving in a positive direction.  Just think of all the positive aspects of life that are bound to happen when you already have a positive outlook on the day.  Also, hope that you will be fortunate enough to grace the next day with your presence because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  However, hope that when tomorrow shines upon your face, you will embrace all the wonders that tomorrow has to offer.

With the varying, and at times difficult decisions that we are faced with throughout each and every day, it is easy to focus on the negatives pieces of the day more than the positives. Nevertheless, it is how we make our decisions and what we choose to do with the outcomes, weather good or bad, big or small, that will affect today, tomorrow, and every day after.



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